Amarnath Engineering

PTFE Sheets

We manufacture a variety of hardware PTFE Sheets used in the production process to protect the machines and surfaces. We supply and export these Sheets according to the customers demand and his requirements. The sizes and thickness can be customized. The different types of sheets we provide include PTFE Skived Sheets, PTFE Moulded Sheets, PTFE Turcite Sheets and PTFE Dimpled Sheets.

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PTFE Moulded Sheets

These PTFE Moulded Sheets are moulded with a process called the compression moulding. We manufacture Moulded Sheets from plastic, bronze, carbon, etc. We manufacture these sheets keeping in mind different conditions that these sheets have to survive. We supply these Sheets according to size our customers require. Also the


PTFE Turcite Sheets

These PTFE Turcite Sheets are the most long lasting Sheets. We manufacture this with a technology that prevents the below surface safe and free from any damage. The benefit of having such Sheets is that these are resistant to every external situation. These also do not let any friction pass to the below surface and protects the


PTFE Dimpled Sheets

PTFE Dimpled Sheets are the specialised sheets that are mainly manufactured from water- proofing. These Sheets are very easy to apply and easy to use. We manufacture these Sheets in a way that these Sheets protect the below surface of product from even the tiny droplets of water that can harm the product. We supply these Sheets


PTFE Skived Sheets

These are types of Sheets that are cut into slices. These sheets are manufactured in a way that they become resistant to any weather. It is specially made according to the variant Indian climate which has a nature of changing weather. These PTFE Skived Sheets do not corrode. We supply the Sheets size according to what our