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PTFE Rods are basically the materials that may fill in the gap between two or more machines or surfaces. We mainly manufacture plastic rods that are good conductors of heat and electricity. Also we keep in mind the environment in which it will be used in so that these can survive easily in any working temperature. The different types of rods we provide are PTFE Molded Rods, PTFE Linear Bearings and PTFE Extruded Rods.

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PTFE Pigmented Rods

PTFE Pigmented Rods are designed to withstand pressure and stress and posess great strength and durability. We manufacture these Rods according to the client requirements in various sizes and colours.  The changing market requirements have made these rods come into existence. These are manufactured with the technology that


PTFE Extruded Rods

PTFE Extruded Rods are usually manufactured by the process of extrusion where these are made more reliable and resistant. These non- toxic and moisture resistant rods protect the inner material from any droplets of moisture that can lead the material to contaminate. Found in different industrial applications, the PTFE


PTFE Molded Rods

PTFE Molded Rods are designed with the process of moulding. These are plastic rods that are moulded in a way that provides the best service. These plastics rods are resistant to moisture and all other external disturbances that may harm the inner materials that can be damaged. We manufacture, supply and export these rods in